CS HIRE is our global network of over 100 million profiles. It unifies billions of digital footprints and social media data to create the largest pool of passive candidates making talent sourcing a winning game.

Social Recruitment

Global View

Our data spans 120 cities across 5 continents and 15 countries to help you identify the global hotspots for talent.

90+ social networks

The candidate's profile is made up of data points from multiple sources across the open-web, harnessing artificial intelligence & predictive analytics to provide most comprehensive profiles.

100+ Million Profiles

Our living database is home to over 100+ million profiles, adding, improving and getting smarter each day.

Million skills

We’ve built a treasure trove of data to give you rich, contextual insights for all your talent problems.

Discover talent from our database of 100+ million profiles

In today’s talent marketplace, everyone is a candidate — even those who say they aren’t. Find the best candidate for your job by accessing our living database of over 100 million candidates.

Know the story behind every candidate with our section insights

Helping your team to understand the candidate better with our insights , right from background information to interview questions and in turn making a better and informed decision each time.

Candidates evolution from discovery to offer

Your entire pipeline is available to you in one view. Now you don't have to let a candidate fall through the cracks again because of disconnected systems..

Reduce the time you spend on hiring by 32%

Our platform is built responsively, which means you can be access it from anywhere, anytime. Quick , easy , save time and get more productive.

Convert potential candidates with our personalized interaction engine

Direct and personalized contact with a candidate with the help of data backed templates using machine learning. Get a higher response rate than any other batch and blast or alternatively connect on multiple points of contact from a single point.

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