Talent Analytics

Your Most Common Strategic HR Problems, Solved.

Take control of your strategic talent problems by using our self service cloud platform.
Create custom reports, dashboards with real time analytics and share with your teams.

Talent Diagnostics

We analyze real time ...

Where you lose talent

Where to hire talent from

Skills exiting in your company

Skills competition is gaining

Talent vs your Competition

Successful persona's in your company

Talent Acquisition & Planning

Processing billions of data points to create...

Talent availability by location and skills.

Supply and demand analytics.

Hot skills trends

Labor market trends

Forecasting Future Talent Pool

Predict using historical trends and get curated pipeline of talent...

by competition

by location

by skills

by hot skills

by historical data 

Global Sites Footprint Planning

Optimize your investment analyzing ...

Trends gloablly across 120 countries

50+ variables across global cities on talent, cost, skills.

Skills and talent availability

Market attractivness index

Socio economic indicators

What if you knew...
... which companies you LOOSE talent to


What pipeline do you want to build
Analyze reasons why you are loosing to this competitior.
Identify top organisations where talent is moving.
Also predict where exsisting employee can mostly likely go

What if you knew...
... which companies you should HIRE talent from


Optimize your talent acquisition strategy, find out where your key talent is coming from

How about a clear picture of...
... skills exiting your company
... hot skills your competition is gaining


Plan your workforce for future by analyzing skills needed. Compare skills vs your competition
Analyze skills and competition by region, by city
Forecasting and predicting your future talent skills.


What if you could... 

Build your Talent Pipeline and Connect with Candidate Directly

Curated pipeline of talent pool

Build your talent pipeline by finding and connecting to passive candidates with ideal skillsets.
Connect to a candidate with a personalized message directly via email or social media.

Review 360 degree profiles of your employees and candidate

Curated from 30+ Social media channels, emails, professional boards and public information into a living database.

How DataAsInsights delivers the Insights


Downloadable dashboards

Cloud based self service platform gives you the flexiblity to customize and download in PDF reports or powerpoints to share with your teams


Cutting edge visualization

Download charts and tables organized in simple and easy to understand reports hiding all complexity of data


Actionable insights right from the platform

contact leads, send personalized messages, save and share information with colleages, get hot and latest trends real time

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