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About Us

At CareerSocially, our vision is to leverage data and technology to build solutions which improve efficiency and effectiveness of businesses and leaders. We have focussed on Human Resources (HR) and Strategy to start making progress towards achieving our vision. Our team has worked hard to create proprietary algorithms to gather and aggregate billions of data points from around 15 countries, 120 cities and more than 10,000 companies, with more data points getting created and added to the database every minute.

Our Core Team has more than 15 years of experience in data sciences and recruitment industry. The issues faced by leaders in finding and retaining the top-quality talent and advent of technology has led to the conceptualization of CareerSocially.

We believe in putting the power of data and technology in the hands of organizations to increase their effectiveness as well as efficiency..

Our products and services have the potential to answer critical questions like:

  • How to make our recruitment process seamless and efficient?
  • Which employees are our key assets in the organization?
  • How to ensure that we do not loose our top talent and keep them motivated?
  • Where to look for quality candidates for the future of our organization?
  • How to ensure a solid and quality talent pipeline for the future of our organization?
  • To which companies we are losing our talent and from which companies are we hiring our talent?
  • What is the availability of talent possessing a particular skill across geographies?
  • How can I find the target audience for our offerings?
  • How to easily connect with the potential leads and increase our conversion?
  • How to increase overall effectiveness of outreach to clients?
  • How to ensure higher ROIs for the campaigns we run to acquire leads?

We are a startup in pursuit of being able to effectively answer these questions for our valuable clients.

We are a 12-member dedicated team on the journey to democratize the power of data and technology.

If you have passion for solving problems, technology, reach out and join us. We are always on lookout for people with passion to create things and add value to the World

340 S Lemon Ave #9987, Walnut, CA United States

920, Wave Silver Tower, Sector 18, Noida, UP, India


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